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Music for Transformation™

Create. Innovate. Inspire.


The best return on investment ever.

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Music for Transformation is an immersive, engaging, and brilliantly disruptive learning experience. Maestros John Burgess and Gloria Burgess combine their leadership and artistic acumen to create a truly exceptional experience.

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As a participant, you will be seated right inside of a symphonic orchestra. There you will witness and engage with orchestra members up close and personal. Immersed among the musical artists, you will experience leadership and personal breakthroughs that will not occur in any other context.





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Music can be pivotal in anyone's life. It certainly is for me and Gloria. We are honored and thrilled to serve our organizations, communities, and world through Music for Transformation


In today’s world, a leader’s greatest challenge is to help their organization see leadership through a new lens. I experienced just that with Music for Transformation.

In this dynamic program, Maestros John and Gloria Burgess helped me clearly see the heartbeat of great leadership and how to bring my teams into deep collaboration, reaching the ultimate in leadership influence—impact. The value of this program is priceless.

~ Deb Ingino, President of Club Level, John Maxwell Team; CEO, Strength Leader Development

John and Gloria delighted delegates at the Art of Management and Organization Conference. John’s command of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra combined with Gloria’s insightful commentary on visionary leadership was stellar. This experience was innovative, magical, and memorable.

~ Dr. Jenny Knight, Faculty, University of Brighton (UK)

Gloria Burgess and Maestro John Burgess are creative geniuses. They gave us many unexpected gifts, including a conductor’s baton!

When I lose sight of what’s important in my leadership or in my life… or whenever I want to be inspired, I lift my baton and remember—Music for Transformation.

~ Eric G. Reid, Principal, Prólogo




John E. Burgess